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Current Ruleset July 2018

Postby Zaph » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:21 pm

1. General and Code of Conduct
1.1 Age of Unity (AoU) is a high-end raiding guild, and we expect every member to behave appropriately and respectfully in relation to fellow guildmates and members of our Everquest community. This includes in-game and through public or private message boards. Our Code of Conduct principles are highlighted below.
1.2 Raiding times
Sunday – 1900 CET to 2300 CET
Monday to Wednesday – 1930 CET to 2300 CET
1.3 The official guild language is English, however we have many members who are non-native speakers and we welcome all regardless of their first language. Raids are conducted in English, so you need to be able to communicate well enough to follow instructions as required by the raids.

1.4 Code of Conduct
1.4.1 Adhere to all rules contained herein
1.4.2 Play within the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) of all games. AoU is an honest guild that cares about its reputation and integrity and does not endorse cheating. Any players who deliberately and habitually use exploits or bots will be subject to disciplinary procedures (see also section 10)
1.4.3 Treat all players in game, whether in AoU or not, in a manner you would expect to be treated yourself. You are an ambassador for our guild and community; your behaviour may affect other people’s perceptions of our guild. Do not conduct yourself in a way that would negatively reflect on the guild. Please bear this in mind when grouped or otherwise interacting with others. Any complaints about our members will be taken seriously and investigated
1.4.4 If a guild member requires help and you are not busy, please consider whether you are in a position to assist them and help if you can
1.4.5 Conversely, if you require help, do not expect people that are busy to drop their current activity to help you. Do not repeatedly pester players directly into helping you. Ask politely and if they say no, respect their decision without trying to pressure them unduly. If you receive no offers for help in-game then try again later or try organising the help you need using the guild forums
1.4.6 We do not tolerate any kind of excessive or habitual drama in this community. Drama includes (but is certainly not limited to): whining, attention-seeking, temper tantrums, annoying spam, begging, sulking, hate tells (see also section 8.5)
1.4.7 Do not use public chat channels or forums as a means to make complaints about any fellow guild or community member. Contact an officer privately instead and they will deal with any issue or problem you may have. Publicly calling out or otherwise highlighting issues never solves anything and in most cases just makes them worse. As such, this behaviour is considered “drama” and the zero-tolerance approach applies
1.4.8 The use of anon for mains and alts is prohibited, the use of roleplay is permitted to hide your class and level from non guild members.

2. Guild structure and task delegation
2.1 The guild is structured in a hierarchical manner with defined roles and responsibilities as per the rank noted on the guild management tool in-game.
2.2 We operate a relatively collegiate style of “Guild Council”, whereby the Guild Leader and Officer team take most decisions through consultation and agreement.
2.3 The Raid Leaders are those who will lead us through our raid fights and take ownership of the raid tool and fight strategies. During raid events they have the final say and instructions must be followed.
2.4 There are additional tasks delegated to Guild Support members who volunteer to take on some administrative tasks. Typically, this would include GOLD, Banker, Decorating, Recruitment, Loot distribution.
2.5 There are Class Leader and Raid Support roles for those who can act as interfaces between Raid Leaders and Raid Members. These do not necessarily exist for every class, and it is to be decided among class or archetype members if they need this role.
2.6 Raid Members are those individuals who are primarily here to raid, and who must attend the official raid times that are defined for the Guild.
2.7 Finally, we have Social Members, who are here primarily for fun and enjoyment but who will not typically participate in raids.

3. Raiding
3.1 Any Raid Member of the guild, whether full member or trialist, is expected to attend official raids while online. If you wish to be exempt from an event, whatever reason you might have, contact an officer to inform him/her about your decision and why. You may be asked to log out as all raid members must participate in raids.
3.2 The /raidsay channel is for the Raid Leader ONLY, and any delegates that have been approved.
3.3 We expect you to know in advance what is expected of your class on a specific encounter. If you are unsure, post in the "Tactics" section for some advice or to clarify.
3.4 Use your class chat channels to ask what is expected of you, if you are unclear about anything. Group chat is another good source of information.
3.5 Most high-end encounters these days require player interaction in order for us to complete the event. If you for any reason cannot offer the guild your full attention, it is highly recommended that you ask to sit outside for the encounter in question, both yourself and the guild will benefit from an unfocused player sitting outside compared to playing half focused.

4. Full raids
4.1 Since we are sometimes overcrowded and some events require a certain mix of classes, it will be down to the Raid Leaders’ discretion as to the best raid mix and therefore who will be required to sit outside the raid. As far as possible we will operate a first come first served basis, but this may not always be the case.
4.2 If you are asked to sit outside the raid, you may go do group tasks, tradeskill tasks, or anything else that you desire provided you are not AFK and are able to return and rejoin the raid promptly.
4.3 You will receive Raid Attendance and GOLD as if you are in the raid force and actively raiding.
4.4 You may bid for loot as if you are in the raid force, providing the raid instance allows people to be added after a win.
4.5 During progression where flagging becomes a necessary priority, please contact a member of the raid team to make them aware of your flagging needs.

5. Guild Operating Loot Dollars (GOLD)
5.1 GOLD is awarded to Mains, or in the event someone is asked to play their Alt instead, this will be awarded as if it was the Main.
5.2 GOLD is never awarded additionally to anyone who boxes in the raid.
5.3 GOLD bonuses will be awarded at the Raid Leader’s or Guild Council’s discretion.
5.4 GOLD fines will be applied at the Raid Leader’s or Guild Council’s discretion.
5.5 For each 30 minute period (aka SNAP), 2 GOLD is awarded to people according to the following guidelines:
5.6 30 minute snapshot: People present and raiding at each 30 minute snapshot will be awarded 2 GOLD.
5.7 Bench: People who are not in the raid force but who are benched and available for raiding will be awarded GOLD as if they are in the raid force.
5.8 If you are not in the zone for the snapshot, and you believe you have valid reasons for this and have not been awarded the GOLD, you should post in the forums about missing GOLD and ask for a correction with your reasons.
5.9 In order to qualify for a 30min SNAP, you need to be in the raid or the AoUBench channel for at least 25mins of the 30min period. (or the same proportion of time if the SNAP is less than 30min)
5.10 In order for your attendance to be accurately recorded, it is vitally important that you leave AoUbench channel before joining the raid and leave the raid before joining AoUbench channel. Do NOT autojoin AoUbench, it will be noticed. We have a "GOLD Problems" section in the forum for you to report any GOLD credit issues.

6. Raid loot distribution
6.1 The GOLD system should take care of the majority of problems that arise due to loots. Basically, if you want an item more than anyone else, then bid more than anyone else and it’s yours. Follow that principle, and you get the idea.
6.2 The process for bidding is visible bids on the channel used to announce the item as open for bidding. All bids are visible to all members.
6.3 Any raid loots are for distribution among MAIN characters only. Alts are permitted to loot on rot items only, and where time permits the annoyance of getting them into / out of the raid instance.
6.3.1 Any raid loots with the luck stat can only be purchased once per expansion, unless rotting.
6.4 The minimum bid for any and all loot is 10 GOLD
6.5 Bidding is to be done in increments of 10 GOLD (e.g. bidding will be 10, 20, 30 etc.)
6.6 The maximum bid for any and all loot is your current GOLD total as listed on the web page, less any spend you may have done that is not yet updated on the web page (you are required to keep track of this yourself)
6.7 Bids can start at any amount divisible by 10 (e.g. can open with a bid of 20, 50, 120, etc.)

6.7 The amount you can bid is capped depending on your Raid Attendance over the past 60 days, and is as follows:
6.7.1 RA 50% or higher = no cap
6.7.2 RA 20% to 49% = capped at 50 GOLD
6.7.3 RA below 20% = capped at 10 GOLD

6.8 Trial Members are capped at 10 GOLD per item. If more than one trial member is interested in some loot, the person who has the highest lifetime RA will be allocated the loot.
6.9 Full Members will always take precedence above Trial Members.
6.10 You may not bid for loot if you have a negative GOLD standing, unless you are a Trial Member
6.11 If your GOLD standing is at 0 to 10 and an item has been called as rotting, you may bid the minimum value.
6.12 Only the first bid of a certain amount will count. Subsequent bids of the same value will be ignored unless there are multiples of the same item. The first bid will be determined by the loot coordinator. Please remember due to internet lag that you may see your own bid as first, but the rest of the guild does not. The loot coordinator’s decision is final.
6.13 If 2 (or more) items of the same type are called, the highest bidders will win the items but the cost of the item will be the lowest of the winning bids.
6.14 As soon as the winner is called for a particular item, that decision is binding and final. Exceptions are allowed at the loot coordinator’s discretion.
6.15 Bidding more GOLD than you have is not permitted and may result in a GOLD fine. This fine will reflect the severity of the rule breaking.

6.16 Alt loot will be distributed to alts using a form of random rolling to take account of your RA % in the following manner:
6.16.1 Alts must belong to the player and be guilded under the player’s name There is a maximum of 1 item win, 1 trade-skill item win and 1 spell win per person per day unless no other players want.
6.16.3 The item must be usable by the alt (e.g. correct class, level, etc.)
6.16.4 Items that are not wanted by any alts may be offered to previous winners at Guild Council discretion, or Social Members. Any unwanted items will then be opened to previous winners who have won 1 of the category of item in question. Any further unwanted items will then be opened to previous winners who have won 2 of the category of item in question, then 3 of the category of item in question and so on.
6.16.5 Alt loot will be charged at a flat rate of 10 GOLD on current content, or 5 GOLD on previous expansion content.
6.16.6 The Guild Council reserves the right to stop alt loot if Guild Tribute gets very low or there is continual bitching and whining
6.16.7 Alt loot will be rolled as calculated below: Random number based upon BASE RA in 60 days x 100 if your RA is 100% in 60 days, you will roll (Lool callers number) 10000 If your RA is 38% in 60 days, you will roll (Lool callers number) 3800 Below 20% - you get nothing, raid more and forget about your alt

7. Alts
7.1 Each full or trial member can have unlimited tagged alts in the guild.
7.2 Alts will only be allowed on raids at the request of the raid leader, which would typically be in extreme cases of class or flag shortage. The decision of the officers is final and entirely discretionary.
7.3 During raid times alts are not allowed to be in combat zones, unless you are on the bench.

8. Guild removal, Retirement, Inactivity, and the return of old members
8.1 If you are unable to control your emotions and decide to throw your rattle out of the pram and self-remove, you will be allowed a few days cooling off period in which to assess your mental health and desire to re-join the guild. This will be applied at officers’ discretion. If such behaviour continues, you should not expect a positive response. Guild removals in these events could result in GOLD fines being applied, or quite simply a refusal to permit you to re-join. Don’t be a spoiled brat or you will be invited to seek opportunities elsewhere.

8.2 Members who have announced their retirement or who have not logged in for a long period of time will be deemed inactive, and can be removed from the roster at the discretion of the officers. Their status will be marked as Retired should they be allowed to remain on the roster.
8.2.1 GOLD scores will be wiped if your RA falls to 0% for 90 days
8.2.2 The Guild Council will consider, on a case-by-case basis, if the explanations for any long AFK are reasonable and may grant an exception to this rule

8.3 Raid Members who want to switch to Social Member status can request to do so provided they have been an active Raid Member for at least 12 months and have genuine reasons for wishing to change status. The Guild Council will decide if the status change is accepted.
8.4 Retired or absent Guild Members who return to playing should notify a Guild Council member, and they can be considered for return into the guild as a Raid or Social Member. In most cases a new application and trial period will be required. You may be required to restart with zero GOLD.

8.5 After putting up with things we should never have to, we've come up with a list of things you can be considered for removal for. They are as follows:
8.5.1 Excessive Dramatic Trolling - Posting with the intent of causing drama multiple times. It will not be tolerated.
8.5.2 Excessive Rule Breaking - breaking these rules excessively (this is subjective, but it is a lot) will merit a review of your membership.
8.5.3 Player Harassment - This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Using harassment as a "wolf cry" for personal revenge will get you deguilded quickly. Likewise, harassing people will get you a warning, and then removal from the guild.

8.6 Forced guild removal will be done, in most cases, through discussion by the Guild Council and the member in question will be given a chance to explain the circumstances that have led us to this point. Exceptions to this may occur due to extreme behaviour or abuse that is flagrant and leaves no room for doubt about the end result.

9. Sharing account information
9.1 In general we do not advise giving account information to anyone. Nevertheless we recognise that this happens, and sometimes it allows people who are in other guilds to access characters that are on our roster.
9.2 Please be conscious that this can occur. The Guild Council team reserve the right to deguild any character that is being used by another person in the event sensitive or private information is at risk of being divulged. The character can be retagged upon request.
9.3 In all cases, please advise the Guild Council if you allow your character to be accessed by people outside the guild.

10. Cheating, Macroquest, ShowEQ and similar "aids"
10.1 We do not tolerate cheating or the use of exploits or third party tools that are designed to cheat and overcome in-game mechanics. You can expect to be guild removed if this is the case.
10.2 We accept the use of third party log readers, for example in doing parse analyses and audio triggers.

11. Other Guilds, Open Raids, and Strategies
11.1 Guild Members may not be guilded with another raiding guild of similar level. We accept people having alts tagged with social guilds, or their own guilds for whatever reason.
11.2 Raid Members may not take part in open raids that are on our target list.

11.3 Alts may attend Open Raids in the following circumstances:
11.3.1 Targets that are not in the current expansion
11.3.2 Targets that are in the current expansion, but where we have beaten the content in question and the guild leading the raid has also beaten the content in question previously

12. Social Players
12.1 Social Members are similar to retired members in many aspects:
12.1.1 They are not raiders, they have no obligation to raid, but also have no right to have a place in the raid
12.1.2 They have no loot rights, but rotting loot may be offered at Guild Council discretion
12.1.3 They have limited board access
12.1.4 They may not participate in guild decisions or recruitment decisions

12.2 Full guild members may request for friends to be tagged as Social Members, and the Guild Council should discuss and make the decision.
12.3 Social Members must follow guild rules as with any other member, and in particular must respect the standing of the guild on the server as a raiding guild.

12.4 Social Members and raid loot rules are as follows:
12.4.1 If a Social Member participates in a raid and loot drops that no Raid Member (including trials) wants, then the Social Member may be granted that loot. There is no GOLD charge for that item as Social Members have no GOLD pools.
12.4.2 If more than 1 Social Member is present, the loot should be divided equally where possible, or be subject to a fair split as agreed by the Guild Council
12.4.3 A Raid Member can offer to buy loot for a Social Member as if that Social Member was his alt, in which case the alt rules will apply

12.5 If a Social Member wishes to become a Raid Member, the Guild Council must be notified about this desire.
12.5.1 If the Social Member was a previous Raid Member, then this is described in section 8 of the rules.
12.5.2 If the Social Member has no previous Raid Member status, then the normal trial process will be applied. A failed trial will require the Social Member to either remain social, or leave the guild.

13. Main changes
13.1 We allow main changes at the discretion of the Guild Council, using the following guidelines:
13.1.1 The class from which the player wants to leave is a class that is not open for recruitment and will not leave the raid force with a serious capability problem
13.1.2 The desired class of the player is a class open for recruitment

13.2 While the above are guidelines and we prefer to stick with them, we recognise that sometimes people really do need a change. Please talk to the Guild Council in the event you are utterly desperate to change, and we will try to accommodate. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, and a happy raid member of any class if preferable to someone quitting.
13.3 There is a 30 day trial period for main changes during which no loot will be granted unless it’s about to rot. After this period is completed and all parties are happy with the change, it will be considered final and all GOLD will be transferred to the new main and all loot rights revert to normal.
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Re: Current Ruleset July 2018

Postby Yinla » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:49 am

Clarification of Loot rules

All items won on your main is to be used on YOUR main! This includes heirloom items and tradeskill items, in the case of heirloom items only 1 is permitted per person (including bags). There will be severe penalty for anyone found to have not used won items on THEIR main, this includes Ornaments. In the same way Items won on your alts are to be used for YOUR alts no one elses alt or main.

Further to this NO tradeskill items are to be looted by anyones alt for the purpose of making a tradeable item for your main or anyone elses, there are plent of guild mains willing to create these items for you should you win these items.
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Re: Current Ruleset July 2018

Postby The-Senate » Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:24 pm

Raid Rules Update - July 2020

Titles and tasks during raids:
Raid Leader: first in command, organisation of raid targets, tactics and implementation of the tactics while event is running
Senator: auctions and control of GOLD, with assistance from Aluane
Team Leader: Bench control of their class(es), liaise with their class(es) for specific duties.
Raid Support - Co-operates with others in the team, Team Leaders, Senators and Raid Leader in building a good tactic on board and refines tactics and strategies in cooperation with the others.
Main Assist: will be informed extensively about kill order and importance of targets for each event, and consequentially lead the DPS classes to targets of high importance. RL may appoint separate MA's for different roles.
GINA Mastermind - Maintainer of all Audio Triggers needed for current raids. This role is currently filled by Hsishi, backed up by Purrfection & Suri, please contact them if you have any GINA issues or post on the boards.

Team leader for your class
Bard - Mikesch
Beastlord - Purrfection
Bezerker - Purrfection
Cleric - Jarasil
Druid - Jarasil
Enchanter - Yinla
Magician - Yinla
Monk - Purrfection
Necro - Yinla
Paladin - Dablubb (backed up by YInla & Daze)
Ranger - Zaph
Rogue - Suri
Shadow Knights - Dablubb (backed up by Yinla & Daze)
Shaman - Sharthisa (backed up by Jarasil)
Warrior - Dablubb (backed up by Yinla & Daze)
Wizzy - Yinla

Chain of Command
For any issues or queries during the raid you should always contact your Team Leader first if you are not happy with the response or they are not available you may continue up the chain and contact a member of the Senate, as a last resort you may contact the Raid Leader direct. Where your Team leader is also the raid leader you may speak to a member of the Senate if you don't want to disturb the raid leader and they will do their best to assist you.

1. Shrink:
Everyone has to be max-shrunk (gnome size) at the point he enters an instance or directly after a rez. It doesn't matter whether you use a shrink-clicky like Ring of the Ancients, or a tiny illusion like Illusion Brownie. Everyone has to make sure that he/she is able to shrink oneself. There maybe times where the raid calls for a select few players to be unshrunk, but this will be kept to a minimum and does not mean everyone can avoid shrinking.

2. Illusions / Pets & Other grafic enhancer:
- Illusions: As long as the illusion does not contradict rule #1, there wont be a general ban unless the event dictates, but please try to avoid illusions with additional animations and/or annoying sounds.
using an illusion looking the same as targeting mobs. For example: Visage of Chardok Royalty in Lceanium.
Noteworthy Disguise: Drake AA by Bards is forbidden also, because of the big wingspan of that illusion
Huge pet-illusions like Ankylosaurus are forbidden also.
- Pets have to be max-shrunk
- Familiars have to be sent away
- Nimbus auras are forbidden
- Jester and Imp use is forbidden

3. Mounts:
Members will NOT use large mounts on raids, with the limited space on some events they just get in the way, carpets and whirligigs are preferred as they don't block vision as much.

4. Invisibility:
Everyone has to be able to invis and if needed Invis to Undead oneself for moving. It is your own choice to use a spell or a clicky, BUT we are not the only guild on the server, so take care to not train anyone while moving to next instance. If you have no invis-clicky or spell, ask a mage for Sphere of Air or buy yourself Cloudy Potion or Philter of Unlife Awareness in the case of Invis to Undead.

5. Discipline and Discussion:
RL is first in command, so when you get an order, fulfil your duties ASAP. If you have any suggestions write them down and note them on board AFTER event is done. As long as an event is going on, there won't be any discussions.

6. Scripts:
The RL will post all tactics for an event on board and will inform everyone via guild message that a new tactic is posted, one week before we try that script. Because we are all full grown gamers, we expect everyone to inform himself about news up front.

7. Assist:
For each script RL will delegate a main assist. Everyone who has no other dedicated task to fulfil (e.g.: tank, healer, mezzer,...) has to follow MA's order. If there are multiple MA's, RL will announce which MA to follow.

8. AFK:
If you have to go AFK inform your team leader preferably before an event starts. Team leader will inform RL via raiders channel immediately, so we can plan accordingly to setup for following event. You also have to put your AFK-tag up for as long as you are away. Returning after long AFK may result in you not getting GOLD for that period. If your team leader is not available please follow the chain of command as posted above, where possible we need to keep tells to the RL to a minimum.

9. Chats:
/rs belongs to the RL for important information and delegated members of the raid force. Only exception: while auction in /gu is going on, you can use /rs instead for talks. For chatting there are multiple chats for everyone to join and use. Ask your Team Leader for channel information or see the stickied post in the members forum. It is desirable to reduce chatting during an event to a minimum, so concentration remains high for everyone.

10. Forum:
RL will use the tactics forum to announce tactics and important information. Everyone should check them once a day for news. Feel free to also use the forum for talks, discussions and everything else that keeps the guild alive.

11. Audio Triggers:
Everyone has to make sure to follow audio triggers. RL will post known AT's on board in the event thread in the tactics forum. Whether you use GINA, any other programm or ingame triggers is your own choice. Expect a tell from a Senator if you fail an emote.

12. Amendment to alt loot rolls

With so much alt loot we have started to have a few issues with loot rolls on different items being rolled at the same time, this causes issues when trying to award items, there for your RA based rolls will be prefixed with the following start numbers depending on who is dealing with an item. Loot roll start numbers will be as follows

1 = Daze
2 = Jarasil
3 = Purrfection
4 = Suri
5 = Yinla
6 = Zaph


If Zaph is calling for rolls he will ask you to /ran 6 your RA in 60 days - so if you have an RA of 90% in 60 days your roll will be /ran 6 9000
If Daze is calling rolls he will as for you to /ran 1 your RA in 60 days - so if you have an RA of 84% in 60 days your roll will be /ran 1 8400

Those calling loot will try and make it as clear as possible the numbers you should be using to roll with, as previously it is your responsibility to know what your RA in 60 days is.
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Re: Current Ruleset July 2018

Postby Yinla » Wed Sep 16, 2020 5:57 pm

Loot order clarification

Loot is awarded in the following order
1. Mains - Rule 6.7
2. Applicants - Rule 6.8
3. Socials in raids - Rule 12.4
4. Alts & Socials paid for by raid member - Rules 6.16 & 12.4.3
5. Socials not it in raid (must be able to use the item) - that no mains, apps, socials in raid and eligible alts want
6. Alts that are not of the required level to use items.
7. Anyone else not covered by the above!

We are currently allowing socials who do not participate in our raids to gain raid loot as there is currently an abundant of loot and many of them help with group quests missions and killing named.
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